Tetra Pak cartons are one of the most sustainable options for food and beverage packaging.


Tetra Pak aluminum foil protects teas against oxygen and light to maintain the flavor and nutritional value through ambient temperatures​...all without preservatives.


Renewable materials are critical for our future. Tetra Pak has a low CO2 footprint, is made of up to 70% renewable content and is sourced responsibly by FSC (or equivalent) certified farms.


Paper, aluminum and plastic recovered from renewable materials save us from depleting our environment's precious resources,and recovered cartons can become new products such as napkins, paper, an even building materials.


Lightweight and ready to drink! ​ Just grab & go, will not break in your backpack! ​ Resealable cap made of sugar cane, making it an easy choice for you and a considerate one for Mother Earth.